We need your support to help ABCR continue doing their great work. Whether you make a contribution of $1, $10, $20, $50, $100, or $1,000 - our efforts are making a difference! The free classes offered by ABCR help youth in Brazil learn new skills, make friends, and stay on track in life.  We appreciate your support!  Your donation is fully tax exempt. 

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Make a Difference  

our global effort  makes a difference!

Adequate funding for class supplies and operating expenses continues to be a tremendous challenge for ABCR. In addition to classes, ABCR regularly provides assistance to children in need of meals, clothing and basic essentials.  They also provide workshops to the local community on health issues and concerns. Here are items on ABCR's Wish List:

- Computer tables and chairs
- Internet Access/Service
- Health and medical supplies
- School supplies

- Athletic shoes for basketball 
- Basketball socks 
- Basketballs 
- Notebooks, pencils, pens and erasers
- ABCR Program shirts 
- Capoeira uniform pants 
- Basketball uniforms

- Basketball court rental fees
- Thread, yard, needles, and embroidery hoops
- Paints, clay, general craft supplies
- Support for student/family holiday parties (Kids Day, Easter, Christmas) 

​Please join us in helping ABCR create positive changes in their community.  You can make a donation, hold an fundraiser event, join our mailing list to hear more, or just tell your friends and family about Brazil Without Barriers, ABCR and the ways we can make the world a better place to live.