BWB provides support so ABCR children and families have the opportunity to enjoy special holidays, such as Kids Day, Easter and Christmas. 

build dreams  & transform lives in Brazil

health awareness seminars

abcr offers free classes for youth and adults

Brazil Without Barriers has been created to build dreams and transform lives for many individuals living in severe poverty in Brazil.  We've teamed up with a local partner in Brazil,​ ABCR Cajado de Prata (ABCR) to provide international support to their neighborhood youth program. 

ABCR is a Brazilian non-profit association operating a community outreach program in the neighborhood of Tancredo Neves in the city of Salvador.  Salvador is the third largest city in Brazil with a population of over 2 million. It is the capitol of Bahia, which is one of Brazil’s poorest states.  In turn, Tancredo Neves is one of the most poor and violent neighborhoods in Salvador, commonly referred to as a favela (slum).  

​Brazil Without Barriers provides international support to help fund projects at ABCR so they can continue operating their youth program, improving life in their community, and creating opportunities for a brighter future. 

ABCR holds seminars to increase awareness of health issues that affect their community. 

ABCR provides snacks and meals to ensure that no child goes hungry. BWB provides clothing and school supplies to distribute to children. 

Our first donation to ABCR in 2009 was used to buy paint to improve the space to accommodate students and sports activities. A little bit of support went a long way, which helped launch ABCR for success. What a difference! 

What We Do 

BEFORE AND AFTER - a little help goes a long way

ABCR offers free classes for children and adults in computer literacy, basketball, capoeira,  traditional Afro-Brazilian embroidery, and homework tutoring. At various times throughout the year, ABCR offers other classes such as guitar, arts and crafts, and more. Since they opened their doors in May 2009, they've maintained an average of 80-100 students registered for their classes, over 80% of them are young children under 15 years old. ABCR does more than offer free classes. 

For the kids, ABCR acts as a before and after school program.  It is a safe environment to learn and play while a parent is working; a place to be that isn’t the street, where invitations to do the wrong thing abound.  Kids learn teamwork and sportsmanship, develop good study habits, as well as a sense of self, accomplishment, and belonging.  Additionally, they get to form friendships and have fun, both critical to healthy development.  ABCR provides a uniform of shirts to all students enrolled in their program.  Often, the children who become regulars at ABCR come to the center in need of shoes, a change of clothing and a meal.  ABCR provides regular snacks and meals to children to ensure that no child goes hungry. Youth especially love the community holidays celebrated at ABCR--it is an opportunity for all children to feel special, receive a gift, and enjoy a festive event. 

Health issues are one of biggest concerns in this under served community. ABCR coordinates with local health officials and holds health seminars to bring awareness of issues that affect their community. 

Throughout the year, ABCR volunteers teach women arts and crafts and/or embroidery, a marketable skill they can use to supplement or create an income.  The specific style of traditional African embroidery-needlework that they teach is very popular in Bahia as decoration for dresses, scarves, and household items like napkins and tablecloths.  It is always made by hand.  Adult and children both learn to make various types of handicrafts that can be sold to locals and tourists.  

skills and income for women 

a safe place for kids to learn, play and make friends